Why is Bright Destiny, Inc. Needed?

According to Lillian Kwon, America is engrossed in the predicament of spiritual disengagement, which results in the lack of spiritual maturity and ultimately biblical illiteracy. She cites George Barna who says, “the Christian body in America is immersed in a crisis of biblical illiteracy.”


According to the 2014 "The State of the Bible" report by Barna Group and American Bible Society:

·     A majority of U.S. adults (81%) said they consider themselves highly, moderately, or somewhat knowledgeable about the Bible.

·     However, less than half (43%) were able to name the first five books of the Bible.

·     Although most people own a Bible, just a little over a third (37 %) of Americans read the Bible once a week or more.

·     Over a quarter (26 %) of Americans never read the Bible.


Churches and Christian schools can change this trend, and Bright Destiny, Inc. will partner with churches and Christian schools, like Bright Destiny Learning Center to reverse these trends through providing and supporting Christian Education. Bright Destiny, Inc…“Training Individuals To Reach Their Bright Destinies!”